RFR #14 – Pre US Open Parking Lot Party

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry Chase & Pate talk with multiple buddies and fellow bowfishermen that are hanging out at the 2017 US Open waiting for the 6pm launch.   The volume levels bounce as we hand mics around to different guys and we have a generator running in the background to run all the equipment!  Hope you enjoy!

RFR #13 – Pre US Open Fishing Report

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry Pate and Trevor AKA The “Cashmere Killer” talk about a local fishing report just a few days before the U.S Open.   Don’t get your hopes up to much, it’s mostly generalities.  We’re not giving out locations!

Stop by and see us at the 417Bowfishing boat saturday afternoon.  We’ll be recording some episodes and talking with folks!

RFR #12 – Jeff White of Fishhunter Enterprise

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry we talk with Jeff White of Fishhunter Enterprises.  Jeff has been bowfishing for 42 years and is a premiere Ray guide out of Panama City Beach.  He covers everything from his history in bowfishing, what a night on his boat is like, and what the future looks like!

Visit Jeff’s website www.fishhunterenterprise.com .  Be sure to give him a follow on Facebook, and if you’re planning a trip to the PCB area give him a call he books up quick!