RFR #34 – Talking Bankfishing with Lance Wheeler

On this episode we speak with fellow bowfisher and Meme connoisseur Lance Wheeler.  Lance has been bowfishing about 10 years, and the majority of that time has been bank fishing.  We talk a little about bank fishing, and then our standard rabbit trails commence! We appreciate Lance coming on the show and talking with us!

RFR #32 – “El Jefe” Michael Cravens President of the BAA

On this weeks episode of the Rough Fish Registry, we have Michael Cravens President of the Bowfishing Association of American on.  We talk about the roles of the BAA, membership, the need for more state reps, new regulations, and how to conduct ourselves on social media.

RFR #30 – LED light testing guru Gary Briggs

We finally got Mr. Gary Briggs on the podcast! We have been wanting to talk for some time, and we finally got connected.  On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry, we talk with Gary about his youtube channel that’s dedicated to LED Bowfishing light testing.  Lots of neat information, and zero conversation about tips… Enjoy!

Gary’s LED Light testing YouTube Channel



RFR #028 – We caught a Sailfish…Well Tom caught a Sailfish

Welcome to our very first Off Topic Mini Episode…. Who are we kidding that’s what the last few months have been!  But for this episode we’re excited to share a story from Pate and Trevor after their recent fishing trip in Aruba.  One of the guys on the boat was fortunate enough to real in a Sailfish and we got it on camera! Enjoy the story, and watch the Youtube Video!

RFR #023 – Show Me Custom Bowfishing NEW HPS/LED Light Combo

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry, we talk with Robert North of Show Me Custom bowfishing.  They are releasing a 100% new and original designed bowfishing light.  LED / HPS Combo.   This patent pending light design will allow you to have the best of both worlds from shooting muddy water to floating big heads at night.

We’re really excited for this new design, and we hope you enjoy the episode as Robert talks about the particulars and when you can order these new lights.


RFR #022 – Clint Angelle Creator of the Swamp Shark drive

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry, we talk with Clint Angelle the Creator of the Swamp Shark drive.  Not to be confused with Metal Shark boats, a separate company that is now using the Swamp Shark in Military commissioned boats.

The Swamp Shark is a drive system that can be purchased and a entire new boat can be built around, OR it could be fabricated into your existing boat.

Clint lay’s out a lot of information about the system, and answers a lot of our questions!

Swamp Shark Website

RFR #021- Jeff Browning – President of the Bowfishing Association of Missouri

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry, we talk with our ole buddy Jeff Browning. Some of you have maybe not heard of Her, but She’s the President of the Bowfishing Association of Missouri and a pretty salty bowfishermen!  He resides up around the Lake of the Ozark area, and we talk how he got started, his role in the BAM, and the upcoming BAM State Shoot on August 26th held out of Anglers Port Marine in Warsaw, Missouri.

RFR #020 – Dustin Apple AKA WhiteRiverRambo

On this episode of the Rough Fish Registry, we get to catch up with the infamous Dustin Apple AKA White River Rambo.  He’s not only a Youtube Sensation in the bowfishing community, he’s a BAA State Rep, and all around awesome dude! We get the full run down on his custom boat “Lewd Lizzy” and everything else he’s been a part of in the bowfishing community!

Check out his YouTube ChannelAs well as his Facebook Group Blood Line Bowfishing


Lewd Lizzy

RFR #18 – Troller VS Kicker our unprofessional opinions

Please don’t take us to seriously, we’re just a couple of goobers that have a few opinions on both options.  Both a troller boat and kicker boat will kill plenty of fish, but at the end of the day like everything else in life it comes to personal bias.


Photo Jun 25, 9 34 24 PM